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Basic Punching Bag Training – Getting Started on the Punching Bag

Basic Punching Bag Training – Getting Started on the Punching Bag

So you’ve made the decision to start working out on a punching bag! Very wise decision because even a basic punching bag workout can help you lose a lot of weight and gain a ton of practical striking power.

While working out on the bag will help you lose some weight, a certain style of training will help you lose it faster.

The secret to losing weight with punching bag training

After spending a consider amount of time with this training practicing for full contact fighting, I have noticed that if you work on the bag for extended periods of time but at a medium pace, you can really burn some calories. Also throughout your work out you should throw in some sets of fast continuous punches to get your heart rate up at peak.

This change in pace, continuously throughout a 15 minute training session, is what helps you lose weight really fast on the punching bag.

The good thing is, not only do you lose weight, but you also learn a strike that may save your life one day. So these movements and the time you spend on the bag mean something.

So what are some exercises you can do for weight loss?

Start out with some light jabs and right crosses(back hand punch) while simultaneously moving around the bag. These leg movements will burn off calories fast so it’s important to keep moving. Continue for 5 minutes

After your heart rate it up a bit, add in a 30 second burst of punches for as fast as you can. You can stand still for this drill. This will get your heart rate peaking.

You can then try adding in some basic straight front ball kicks or a basic round house kick to add some more legs into the exercise.

Repeat this process for 6-12 sessions total and you should see some noticeble results within a day or two of this training – it works really fast.

If you are feeling particularly energetic, you can add in some jogging between sets to continue the burn.

A hidden benefit…..

One thing you will notice after doing this workout for 30 days or more is that your arm and punching speed will significantly improve. The changes can be very surprising! Not only will your arm speed increase, your knuckles will harden and you will learn how to properly hold your fist while punching. That cames with experience!