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Choosing The Best Boxing Gloves For You

Choosing The Best Boxing Gloves For You

Do you need help choosing the right pair of boxing gloves? If you are a beginner who is just entering the field of boxing you are likely confused by the wide array of choices and what all of the terminology means. This article will guide you through the process of choosing the right brand, material, weight, fit, and even color for your boxing needs, so that you will be well equipped with the right gloves when you enter the ring.

As with any type of apparel, when shopping for boxing gloves you are faced with a choice between cheaper entry level brands or higher priced premium brands. How do you choose which gloves are right for you? Consider how often you will be using the gloves and for how long. If you plan to box regularly, for example twice a week or more, then it would be wise to invest in high quality premium boxing gloves. Leather is best for heavy use as it is much more durable than cheaper synthetic materials. However if you are only interested in becoming a casual boxer a cheaper pair of gloves should be sufficient.

Deciding on the right weight of boxing gloves is often the most confusing part of this process, but it doesn’t have to be. The weight you need depends on your body type and the level of protection you require. Keep in mind that a heavier weight will also provide a harder workout. As a general rule, most men opt for gloves with 14oz to 16oz weights, while women go for gloves weighing 10oz to 12oz.

One thing that cannot be stressed enough is that your boxing gloves need to fit! Have you ever heard the expression “fits like a glove”? You do not want a lose fit. A boxing glove that does not fit won’t pack much of a wallop. Boxing gloves tend to stretch with use so it’s a good idea to buy them a little snug. If you will be wrapping your hands, be sure to bring the hand wraps with you when you head out to purchase your gloves.

Does the color of your boxing gloves really matter? Well that all depends on your sense of style. A lot of boxers like to go for the classic black or white, but if you want to stand out in the ring, choosing a brighter color can do that for you. Of course the color of your gloves will not win you fights, but it can certainly get you noticed.

Now, with all of this information, how do you make your final decision and choose that perfect pair of boxing gloves? Well keep in mind the basic points that you need to factor in when choosing a pair of gloves: brand, material, weight, fit, and color. If you are still unsure why not get help from the pros? Talk to a friend who is a boxer, visit a local boxing ring, or go to a boxing equipment store to get tips.

To put it in a nut shell your boxing gloves need to be tailored to fit your needs, whether you’re a man or woman, a casual or serious boxer. Think of them as an extension of yourself!