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Benefits Of Boxing For Lean Muscle and Weight Loss

Benefits Of Boxing For Lean Muscle and Weight Loss

Boxing training is a great exercise program with many benefits leading to an increase in lean muscle and weight loss. Arms and legs become stronger and more toned and pounds shed from the waist. Many gyms offer these boxing training programs as a regular, scheduled exercise class, and there are many boxing exercise videos available in stores for purchase if you would rather try this type of program at home.

What it is

In this type of program, you learn the traditional moves of regular boxing, such as sparring jabs, punches and kicks in the air, as well as defensive moves and positions. The main difference is you are fighting against an imaginary opponent, or sometimes a punching bag, instead of someone else. In a sense, you are training your body to perform like a real boxer without the risk of serious injury. Some exercise programs offer the option to spar with an actual opponent using large padded hands. Cardio boxing has become very popular in recent years and can be found at most local gyms. Some dojos offer this as well and may be a more authentic alternative.

What it improves

Boxing training programs are excellent for both targeting specific muscles and for cardiovascular workouts by keeping the heart rate high through workouts that are more than 60% anaerobic. Through the variety of quick moves, these programs improve speed, resistance, strength, flexibility and muscle reflex. Often you will find yourself doing punches while jogging simultaneously, which is a great way to work out the entire body at once.

Boxing training also improves balance and coordination in order to effectively complete many of the kicks and lunges and retain the perfect form throughout. Since this program is a combination of cardio and muscle training, it is very effective as a weight loss solution. It burns large amounts of calories during the workout session and aids in keeping metabolism high throughout the rest of the day as muscles work to rebuild themselves due to the resistance portion of the training.

How it works

The workouts are more than 60% anaerobic which is a large indicator of its success. Often, the programs are designed out of two or three minute rounds. In between, there is a one minute (or less) recovery period. The two or three minute rounds are usually intense sessions, and during the one minute rest period, the trainer will instruct you to stretch and go over the right techniques again.

Due to the sharp, quick movements of the jabs and kicks, resistance is placed against the muscles. They are done in short repetitions, with a short rest period between, before moving on to the next move. This is modeled after traditional weight training and provides similar results. Muscle tissue is destroyed due to the resistance being placed against it and must rebuild in order to strengthen the muscles. This results in both stronger muscles and a more lean, toned body.