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Boxing Equipments – An Overview

Boxing Equipments – An Overview

When you consider any sports, there are wide ranges of boxing equipments available and they are essential in any game or sports and without it, the sportsperson fails to face the success. Such important roles occupy the world of sports and in this article let us see various types of equipments available for boxing. Unlike other games, the equipments are not newly introduced but exist from ancient Greek period and the boxing gloves are the old and first gear that has been introduced in boxing. Clement of Alexandria is the one who invented boxing gloves and later on some modification was done and now it is like a sea with different types and varieties available.

Now various equipments are used in boxing and they are handwraps and gauze, head gear, boxing shoes and protective gears. Boxing gloves are essential and the handwraps and gauze is used inside the boxing gloves for more protection to fists and hands. They are generally the strip of cloth that is worn inside the gloves for additional protection on wrist and knuckles. The different types available in them are aerobic, boxing junior elastic and regular, boxing Mexican style elastic, gel and boxing regular and power gel handwraps etc. Boxers mainly need protection and for their protective purpose, wide varieties of protective gears available and they are Fist & Forearm Protector, Forearm Protector, Kickboxing Belly pad, Leather Shin & Instep Guard, Magnetic Ankle Support, Magnetic Back Support, Magnetic Elbow Support, Magnetic Knee Support, Magnetic Wrist Support, Muay Thai Ankle Wraps, Shin & Instep Protector, Shin & Instep Protector.

Each type is used for different protective activities and these are the safety accessories of boxing and they protect the parts of the body like fist, forearm, belly, spinal cord, ankle, elbow, knee, wrist and foot. Apart from these safety accessories, there are also some additional protective gears available and they are also called as main protective equipments of a boxer. Chest, groin, body, head and mouth are the parts that are mainly subjected to risk and injuries in boxing. So for the protection purpose the chest protector, head gear, groin protectors, body protectors and mouth guards are available. For the protection of women boxers, women’s protection is available in best quality.

Most of us will have a question as to why we need boxing shoes in boxing. When you ask the leading boxing coaches, they will answer about the importance of boxing shoes. In boxing, during some stages of match, the boxers fight aggressively and at that time, there is a possibility for the boxers to get hurt on their foot. Such injuries make the boxers to suffer more pain and also due to it they can lose the match. Nylon, designer nylon, half height nylon, leather shoes, ninja tabi boots and Russian sambo boots are the varieties available in boxing shoes. Each variety is made with different types of materials and has different features, but the overall goal is protection. Make use of these equipments in boxing and play this sport with full protection.