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Building an MMA-Ready Body: The Pit Workout

Building an MMA-Ready Body: The Pit Workout

In recent years, a huge number of MMA-branded workout routines have risen and fallen, each claiming to be better than the last at getting your body into its best fighting shape. Some, while effective, peak after only a month’s practice, and cease delivering results. Others fail to ever produce results of any kind, no matter how dedicated and diligent you may have been in keeping up with them. Despite being touted as an MMA workout, many of these routines simply don’t work out at all.

That is not the case with The Pit Workout, however. The Pit Workout is an intense, tri-weekly workout routine designed explicitly to bring out the best fighter in you by focusing on agility, stamina, and raw power. Featuring a wide variety of different one-hour programs, some of which may surprise you, The Pit Workout is also a surprisingly difficult workout. However, that difficulty is part of the tremendous, monstrous charm of The Pit: it’s brutally difficult, and the rewards for your dedication are spectacular.

This workout attempts to bridge standard martial arts and MMA disciplines, and the results are boldly apparent for anyone who has invested the time and energy into The Pit Workout. Despite sounding slightly cheesy by calling itself a “state of the art” workout routine, this workout is nonetheless exhilarating, and you will be feeling its effects before the first week of training has ended.

The Pit Workout comes on two DVDs, and will walk you, step-by-step, through a set of workouts that will turn you into all the warrior that your body can be. The first disc focuses on the upper body, and routines vary between pushups, levels, speeds, and even clapping, with each activity broken up by light, quick punching routines for five to seven minutes. Why five to seven minutes per interval? The answer is pretty simple, and any diehard MMA warrior will be able to answer that question: because that’s how long the average fight lasts.

The second disc of The Pit Workout focuses on aerobic exercise and endurance, leaping between shadow boxing, knee kicks, bicycle crunches, simulated rowing, jump rope, double leg lifts, and more. If the first segment of the workout looked too difficult for you, then the second will completely annihilate you if you attempt to keep pace the entire time. Thankfully for those just beginning to get into MMA shape, you will always be able to jump into The Pit Workout at your leisure, and slow down and rewind if you need to.

If you’re looking for a straightforward, minimalistic, and brutal workout regime to get your body into peak MMA fighting condition, then The Pit Workout is easily one of the best on the market. A word of caution, though: if you’re just looking for a way to just get into shape, then The Pit Workout should absolutely be avoided. This is a brutal, no-holds-barred workout routine, and should not be trifled with by anyone lacking a warrior mentality.